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Asynchronous Transfer Mode, or ATM, networks carry all kinds of signals - voice, video, data, transaction processing and integrated services - over public networks. In many cases, the information is proprietary in nature, such as financial transactions, medical records, process or product design data and other trade secrets. Managing the security and flow of this information is critical - and challenging. SECANT Network Technologies has developed a set of breakthrough technologies which provide the first viable solutions to these challenges.

SECANT Network Technologies focuses on high performance network system architecture, plus software and hardware development. Secant's technology advantage is the result of several years of leading-edge research and development resulting in two product families, CellCase - a high-performance, public network-compatible cryptographic system specifically designed for the high-speed, ATM networks, and CellScope - a network analyzer which provides a flexible method for collecting cell level traffic statistics from ATM networks to enable accurate modeling and traffic engineering for high performance networks. SECANT'S family of products enables users to harness the power of ATM networks to change the way they do business. Secant also provides complete customer service for network engineering, anti-hacking & credit monitoring software, installation and training.

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